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Two families of Processor Cores are available- the 32 bit industry standard instruction set family* and the Java processor family. For legacy code compatibility, Java bilingual processors that combine Java execution and legacy code execution in one processor are also available.

These Processor Cores are ideal for embedded applications that have outgrown 8 and 16 bit controllers and therefore want to move up to a 32 bit controller. For lowest power and smallest gate count, each processor core family, includes a base processor and processors with a combination of any of a) caches, b) MMU, and/or c) floating point. The user selects the processor that has only the userís required functionality, and therefore does not waste area or power on unnecessary functions. The Processor Cores are available as synthesizable Verilog models from Aurora VLSI, Inc. Contact CustomerService@auroravlsi.com.

32bLOW Processor Cores

  • 32 bit single scalar legacy instruction set processor
  • Popular, industry standard legacy instruction set based on the RISC instruction set that originated at Stanford*
  • Low gate count, low power
  • High clock rate- 300/500MHz in worst case slow/typical .13u conditions
  • Modular architecture- Basic Processor Core, Cache Unit, MMU with TLB
  • Separate instruction and data cache, configurable cache sizes

Java Processor Cores

  • Hardware accelerated Java execution- 20 Caffeine Marks/MHz (measured)
  • Proprietary hardware accelerates common Java specific functions
  • Execution of all "The Java Virtual Machine Specification" bytecodes
  • Proprietary bytecode execution for the JVM run time system (system functions)
  • Separate instruction and data cache, configurable cache sizes


*Aurora has no affiliation, endorsement, or sponsorship by MIPS Technologies, Inc. None of Aurora VLSIís goods or services originate in any way from MIPS Technologies, Inc.


Processor Cores


32 bit processor (industry standard) family


Java processor


Java bilingual processor- Java + industry standard legacy code execution


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