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Aurora VLSI and Stargate Solutions Announce Delivery of Stargate Gigabit Ethernet MAC Core

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 20, 2001 – Aurora VLSI, Inc.and Stargate Solutions, Inc. today announced commercial delivery of its 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet MAC semiconductor intellectual property product. The Stargate Gigabit MAC is the follow-on product to their highly successful 10/100 Ethernet MAC core, which has been used in System-on-a-Chip (SOC) designs since September, 1998.

The Stargate SSN8800, part of the company's CoreNet product family, is shipping now and has been optimized for Gigabit Ethernet applications, according to Ram Jayam, Stargate president and CEO. "This next-generation device gives our Ethernet customers the best mix of value, performance, and support in the IP industry," Jayam said.

“Having the Stargate Gigabit MAC core readily available to SOC designers will enable the movement of high speed broadband capabilities into low cost, high volume commercial and consumer applications,” said Joan Pendleton, President and Co-Founder of Aurora VLSI. 

Range of Features
The SSN8800 is a high-performance IEEE802.3z-compliant MAC for Gigabit Ethernet applications such as NICs, clusters, and switches. The fully synthesizable core has a range of features to ease implementation and heighten performance:

IEEE 802.3z Compliant                            Carrier Extension Support
Packet Bursting Support                          Full-Duplex Capable
GMII Interface to PHY                            RMON, SNMP, MIP Capable
Auto CRC Generation                              Automatic Retries
Signal Detect Input Capable                    Fully Synchronous Design
Simple Application Interface                     Synthesis Scripts Provided

The SSN8800 is verified in FPGA, and the initial foundry process is the UMC 0.18-micro.  

Licensing and support for the Stargate Gigabit MAC core is provided by Aurora VLSI.  This product ships in Verilog source format and includes a comprehensive test-bench environment and test suit.

About Stargate
Stargate Solutions Inc. is a private company based in San Jose, Calif. It was founded in 1997 to create and deliver high-performance IP for networking, communications, and consumer electronics applications. Today the company offers through Aurora VLSI some of the industry's most sought-after cores including 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC (Gigabit MAC), 10/100 Ethernet MAC, Utopia 2/3, PCI, USB, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), and SDRAM controllers. Stargate is a member of Altera Corporation's (NASDAQ: ALTR-news) Altera Megafunction Partner Program, and participates in numerous networking industry standards organizations.

About Aurora VLSI
Aurora VLSI, Inc. is a private company based in Santa Clara, Calif.  It was founded in 1998 to create and provide high performance and low power Java™ semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for mobile devices, internet appliances, set-top-boxes and other communications and consumer applications.  Aurora VLSI currently offers two Java coprocessors:

Espresso – a dual pipeline super scalar design for very high Java performance applications, and

 DeCaf – a single scalar design for high performance, low power Java applications.

Aurora VLSI, Inc. is the World Wide reseller and support organization for all of Stargate Solutions’ peripheral IP cores for SOC applications.  The company is located at 4677 Old Ironsides Drive, Santa Clara, Calif., 95054, phone: (408) 565-9650, fax: (408) 565-9654,


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