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  • ARM is a leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions.


  • Avnet ASIC Israel is a leading provider of design and turnkey manufacturing services for fabless companies and OEMs that develop advanced SoCs. AAI's portfolio includes design and manufacturing services for ASIC, COT, Analog, and Structured ASIC. In the past 20 years AAI has successfully completed more than 250 tape-outs. Partnering with the world leading vendors, Avnet ASIC Israel secures to its customers access to the latest technology, flexible pricing, fast deliveries, and top class performance.
  • AAI is ISO 9001:2000 certified and qualified as an authorized design center by Fujitsu, NXP, eASIC, MHS, MIPS, ARM, and Cadence.
  • Active in the semiconductors market since 1986, Avnet ASIC Israel is a subsidiary of Avnet Israel, which is the Israeli branch of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT) is one of the world's largest B2B distributors of the world leading technology manufacturers. Avnet, Inc.





  • Prodesign is an emulation and prototyping system solution provider.



  • OpenVera provides VERA verification expertise.


  • Questa Vanguard Program offers Questa users the best available Mentor Graphics' Verification products in combination with key partner technologies.


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