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Floating Point Cores




The Floating Point Cores provide IEEE754-1985 compliant single and double precision floating point for SOCs. Floating point operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication, multiply/accumulate, division, square root, conversions, and comparisons. All four IEEE rounding modes- round to nearest, round to zero, round to positive infinity, and round to negative infinity, are implemented. All five IEEE floating point traps are detected- invalid operation, underflow, overflow, inexact, and divide by zero. The Floating Point Cores are available as synthesizable Verilog models from Aurora VLSI, Inc. Contact CustomerService@auroravlsi.com.

Floating Point Core features are summarized:

  • IEEE754-1985 floating point
  • Fully compliant results for all floating point instructions computed in hardware
  • Single and double precision
  • Pipelined for highest performance
  • Four rounding modes- round to nearest, to positive infinity, to negative infinity, to zero
  • Detects five IEEE floaing point exceptions- inexact, overflow, underflow, invalid, divide by zero
  • Denorms are fully handled in hardware


Floating Point Cores


IEEE 754 compliant floating point +, -, x, /, cvt, cmp


IEEE 754 compliant floating point +, -, x, /, macc, sqrt, cvt, cmp


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