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Aurora VLSI, Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 1998 by Joan Pendleton, PhD and Ravi Reddy with the charter to develop and market semiconductor products that optimize Java performance for mobile and fixed internet appliances, internet servers, and consumer home appliances

Joan Pendleton, PhD has over 25 years of in depth semiconductor experience with companies such as Fairchild Semiconductor, Sun, SEI, Rendition, and as a consultant.  She has extensive design engineering and management experience in microprocessor technologies such as SPARC, MIPS, Alpha, Smalltalk, Prolog, MP memory controllers and embedded graphics processors.  She received her BSEE and BS Physics from MIT, MSEE from Stanford, and PhD EE from UC Berkeley.

Ravi Reddy has over 25 years of comprehensive experience in microprocessor design verification on major microprocessor development projects at IBM, Sun, and SGI. He has experience with SPARC, PowerPC, IA32 and graphics processor technology. Ravi attended JNTU in India for his BE in Electrical and Communications Engineering, and University of North Carolina for his MS Electrical and Communications Engineering.

Before founding Aurora VLSI, both Ravi and Joan each ran their own respective semiconductor design and verification consulting companies for several years.

Aurora VLSIís flagship product line is based on a bilingual processor core that executes both Java bytecodes and RISC instructions. This provides a high performance Java solution while leveraging the large existing body of legacy code applications, operating system software, software tools, development environments, etc. Unparalleled performance is achieved when executing both Java and legacy code with Aurora VLSI's proprietary architecture. This is accomplished without increasing chip prices or power consumption.

As a relatively new language Java is rapidly gaining momentum as the application development language of choice by software engineers developing for wired and unwired internet appliances, internet servers, mobile devices, PDAs, set top boxes, DTV, and other appliances that take advantage of remote software and compute power.

Aurora VLSI has developed two processor core products for Internet appliances and other embedded applications. The bilingual processor cores that run both Java and legacy instructions, are available in both single scalar (DeCaf) and 2-way super scalar (Espresso) versions depending on the desired price/performance/power point.  Pure Java cores can be used alongside any traditional processor core.

Additionally, for low power and controller applications that want to move up to a 32 bit core, a tiny, low power core that runs popular, industry standard legacy code based on the RISC instruction set that originated at Stanford, is available.  Design services to assist in customer integration can be provided.

In 2002, Aurora VLSI added common SOC functions to its IP core product line, including SDRAM controllers, DMA engines, AMBA bus components, and RAM arbiters. Various cores are combined to form the more highly integrated SOC subsystem products from Aurora VLSI. AMBA peripheral subsystems that inlude DMA, and SOC memory controller subsystems are available. Custom subsystems can be built as a design service.

Aurora VLSI is positioned to be a leading supplier of complete System on Chip semiconductors: it has the Java accelerators, the bilingual processor technology, 32 bit controller core, the peripheral cores, the SOC subsystems, and the design expertise for the next generation of wired and wireless appliances.

Aurora VLSI is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and may be contacted at CustomerService@auroravlsi.com, or +1 408.565.9651. Its web site is www.auroravlsi.com.


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