Chicken vs. Fish: Which Is Really Better for You?

While there are restaurants that provide both fish & chick in our hungry stomach and there is no doubt that both of them have rich flavors, there are still times that we wonder which of the two is better when it comes to providing us nutrients and lesser fats.  

 The American Heart Association reported that both fish and chicken meat are healthy, as these two types of meat contain less cholesterol and saturated fat compared to the red meat, and this provides lesser risk in heart problems. Red meat contains more cholesterol that can increase blood pressure and induce heart disease.  

On the other side, the Mayo Clinic still attest that both of these meats are healthier, only if you remove the skin from the chicken meat. Furthermore, the methods of preparing the food, whether it is fish or chicken, contribute to the nutrients and fat a person will be obtaining.  



Chicken meat has been the choice for people who want to eat meat and at the same time get lesser fats and cholesterol, but this meat contains high protein which is ideal if you are building muscles. Moreover, chicken meat is very affordable and is widely available in different markets all around the globe. People who want to slim down, build muscle, and avoid heart issues actually opt for chicken meat than the red meat such as pork and beef. A three-ounce of this meat contains 27 grams of protein which is greater than what fish contains. 


However, there is a major drawback of consuming chicken meat. A lot of chicken in poultry is treated with hormones for faster growth while some of them are fed with antibiotics, or arsenic, which is used to poison rats. One of the best ways to enjoy all the benefits that chicken meat provides is to make sure you get to eat organic meat, which means the chicken is fed with organic foods and not treated with any chemicals.  



Similar to chicken meat, fish meat contains a high amount of protein while providing us with lesser fats and cholesterol. However, compared to chicken meat, fish has omega-3s fatty acids that chicken meat lacks. Omega-3s are not produced naturally by human bodies although they are needed. These fatty acids can improve memory loss and overall brain function, prevent heart disease, and decrease inflammation.  


Furthermore, a lot of researches shows that eating fish will help the person feel full after hours of intake, and so it is an ideal food for people who want to eat lesser food for their diet. It is important to take note that different fish may vary in their fat and protein profile.  


The only major drawback of eating fish is the mercury content that certain fish have. Mercury is harmful especially to children and pregnant women and so they are advised to avoid fish that contain high levels of mercury such as shark, mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish. 


The Final Thought 

Although both of these meats contain a high amount of protein and less fat, fish contains omega-3s that chicken meat lacks. Furthermore, the methods of cooking, as well as how the animals were raised prior to cooking also contribute to how healthy these meats are.