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The total solution for your next SOC

Need a processor core and/or peripherals cores to power your upcoming product? Would an off the shelf SOC subsystem or platform cut development time and effort? Design services for faster time to market? Aurora VLSI is the place to shop.

Aurora VLSI provides a full set of SOC memory system cores- SDRAM controllers, SRAM controllers, flash controllers, DMA engines, AMBA bus components, and RAM arbiters. IEEE compliant floating point units (FPUs) can be found at Aurora VLSI. Additionally, AMBA bus peripherals such as Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controllers, interrupt controllers, timers/counters, GPIOs, etc. are available from Aurora VLSI.

Aurora VLSI markets 32 bit controller cores and Java processor cores that also execute traditional instruction sets. With experience in nine instruction sets, if you have a processor core requirement, Aurora VLSI can probably help you.

SOC subsystems and platforms integrate multiple cores to provide entire subsystems and baseline SOCs. These include AMBA bus peripheral subsystems that include DMA, and memory controller subsystems.

Aurora VLSI services cover all aspects of ASIC and SOC implementation from specification developement to foundry interfacing. The engineers at Aurora VLSI are highly experienced in high speed, large, complex digital chips.

Peripherals Cores

  • Floating point engines (IEEE 754 compliant)
  • SDRAM controllers
  • SRAM controllers
  • Flash controllers
  • Compact Flash controllers
  • DMA engines
  • AMBA bus master, slave, arbiter, decoder, AHB/APB bridges
  • RAM arbiters
  • IEEE 1394b
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controllers
  • Interrupt controllers
  • Timers and counters
  • GPIOs

AMBA is a registered trademark of ARM limited.

Processor Cores

Java fans: Software compatibility an issue? Check out our unique bilingual processor cores- Java + legacy instruction set cores that run Java and popular legacy code, thus retaining software compatibility with existing legacy binaries.

  • AU-C01XX: 32 bit small, very low power processor core family. These processors run popular, industry standard code based on the RISC instruction set that originated at Stanford
  • AU-C02XX: 32 bit small, very low power SPARC processor core family
  • AU-J1100: Bilingual, high performance Java processor core that also runs popular, industry standard legacy code based on the RISC instruction set that originated at Stanford (legacy code core can be replaced with any legacy core you choose)
  • AU-J1200: Bilingual, high performance Java processor core that also runs 32 bit SPARC code
  • AU-J1000: High performance pure Java processor core

SPARC is a registered trademark of SPARC International, Inc.

Design Services

  • Specification development, Architecture and/or microarchitecture
  • Logic design and RTL modelling
  • Logic verification
  • Synthesis
  • Timing analysis and timing closure
  • Place and route, layout, backend (subcontracted)
  • Foundry interfacing
  • Turnkey SOC development





  • ARM is a leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor solutions.


  • Avnet ASIC Israel is a leading provider of design and turnkey manufacturing services for fabless companies and OEMs that develop advanced SoCs.




  • Chip Estimate provides provides chip estimation and planning tools.


  • Prodesign is an emulation and prototyping system solution provider.



  • OpenVera provides VERA verification expertise.


  • Questa Vanguard Program offers Questa users the best available Mentor Graphics' Verification products in combination with key partner technologies.


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